2010 was all about experimenting and different mediums.


Visual investigations on power relationships. 


We are black and we are white. We are complex but we are fragile. We are broken. We are monochrome in a multicoloured universe. 


What if all that we call real is just a theatre set?  Is it something that starts with our birth? Or are we thrown into an already existing realm? Either case, you might as well just play along. 


The Red Cube is nothing. I invented The Red Cube.
However, The Red Cube is everything.
The Red Cube is the essence. The Red Cube gives your essence.
Because there is always a driving force in our lives, something that moves us; a man, a woman, a career, money, love, hate, religion, ourselves.  Yet, it doesn't matter what The Red Cube is, what matters is the relationship oneself has with it.
What is your Red Cube? Where are you standing in relation to your Red Cube?
Red Cube… The Red Cube is a mask.  A mask that defines the meaning of someone’s being and its nature. The Red Cube is open to be filled with content.


Changes may change your essence.